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Seeded wedding menu - "Histoire de Coquelicot

Seeded wedding menu - "Histoire de Coquelicot

Dear future bride and groom,

Let us introduce you to our 'Poppy Story' seeded paper wedding menu, an exquisite creation designed to add a touch of nature and elegance to your special day. This menu embodies the ephemeral beauty of poppies, symbolising the passionate love and promise of a bright future you'll share together.

dimensions 9.5 x 20 cm
paper Eco-recycled handmade parsemains, approx. 250g/m².
seeds Organic wildflower mix

Seeded wedding menu - "Histoire de Coquelicot

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Seeded wedding menu - "Histoire de Coquelicot

Key features :

Seeded paper Each menu is made from high quality seeded paper, a durable material that can be planted after your wedding to grow beautiful poppies. It represents the growth of your love and creates lasting memories.

Elegant design The aesthetic of Histoire de Coquelicot is simply enchanting. The pure white background highlights the delicate poppy motifs in bright red, creating a romantic and delicate atmosphere.

Customisable Each menu can be personalised with your names, the date of your wedding and the menu for your meal. This makes it not only a decorative element, but also a precious keepsake for you and your guests.

Eco-responsible By choosing our wedding menus made from seeded paper, you're helping to preserve our planet. Once planted, the paper is transformed into a magnificent bloom of poppies, reducing unnecessary waste.

Un Souvenir Qui Fleurit :

After your wedding, simply plant the 'Poppy Story' menu in a pot or garden, water regularly, and look forward to the magical moment when the little seeds start to sprout. Every time you see those flowers bloom, you'll remember that magical day and the love that started it all.

Let 'Histoire de Coquelicot' add a touch of poetry and nature to your wedding, while reflecting your commitment to a sustainable future. Celebrate your love with a menu that tells a love story as beautiful as the poppy flower.

Order now and let the poppies tell your story.

Note: As an eco-responsible product, be sure to inform your guests about how to plant and care for the seeded paper to ensure successful flowering.

Seeded wedding menu - "Histoire de Coquelicot

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Wild flowers, Aromatic plants


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