Calendar to be planted 2023 - Femininity


Calendar to be planted 2023 - Femininity

A calendar to plant! An ethical and original gift, to offer to your loved ones (or to yourself) for a new eco-responsible and flowery year.

This calendar, with its minimalist artistic design, celebrates women's intimate connection to nature through illustrations that blend them together in a complicit way.

Each leaf of this calendar contains wildflower seeds. The seeded calendar contains a total of 14 seeded leaves. By planting one leaf each month, you have two left over to donate wildflower gardens to those who matter to you.

The seeded paper, recycled by hand, is "zero waste" and biodegradable. An original medium, seeded paper does not fail to surprise, and constitutes a beautiful ecological alternative to send your wishes for the New Year.

Format14 sheets of 10cm x14cm

Calendar to be planted 2023 - Femininity

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Calendar to be planted 2023 - Femininity

Calendar to be planted in handmade seeded paper, made at 100% in our workshop in Ile-de-France.

We make each sheet of paper by hand using traditional methods. Our pulp is made from 100% of locally collected and recycled waste paper.

We design our calendars ourselves in such a way that they can best meet our demands for environmental friendliness. The minimalist aesthetics and the elegant, clean lines of our calendars are a matter of course.

The seeds contained in the paper are organic, farmer's seeds without GMOs, which we buy from local suppliers.

Grammage Premium handmade, approx. 300g/m².

Seeds Biodiversity wildflower mix (Poet's carnation, Red clover, Summer Adonis, Rudbeckia, Poppy, Phacelia, Calendula officinalis, Damask's nigella, Field dolphinelle, Mahon's wallflower, Cornflower, Maritime Alyssum, Dill, Soapwort, and many more!)

Calendar to be planted 2023 - Femininity

Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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