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The Parsemains project

Office paper is used in colossal quantities every day. 
Even if some of this paper is sorted, hundreds of tonnes will ultimately have been used for a single, sometimes even useless purpose (a printed email, an out-of-date document, an erroneous quotation, etc.) before being thrown away.

Parsemains' project is to stop and even reverse the cycle that turns our resources into waste. We collect our paper material from our local schools and offices to give it a second life. We recycle it by adding wildflower seeds to create our seeded paper. 

The result? A beautiful card to carry your nameIt is an original gift for the person for whom it is intended, and an extra bit of biodiversity for our flowering spaces! 

The benefits of seeded paper

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Our paper is a handmade seeded paper recycled by hand. This recycling is carried out in the most ecological way possible: without de-inking and without chemical bleaching, unlike industrially recycled paper which is extremely polluting and harmful to the environment. 

This is why our seeded paper includes small residues of letters and words from their first life. These little typos are the guarantee of its handcrafted production and the most respectful possible for the environment. We include this ink, which has already been used, when we specify the maximum 25% of surface to be printed in addition. 

As for the margins of play of the framing, here again the seeded paper lays down its laws, and we do our best to ensure that the centring is as good as possible, but it happens that the passage of the seeds through the printer slightly deviates the course of the print.

By choosing our seeded paper,

  • you combine the quality of traditional handmade paper with your love of nature
  • you offer your loved ones an original gift (guaranteed effect!)
  • you are joining our growing family: the one that takes care of itself, but also of the future of our planet by reducing waste and enhancing our resources
  • for the more daring, an idea to ponder: what better way to embrace the ephemerality of your art... than with a work that lasts only for a while, before being reborn as wild flowers?
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The characteristics of our paper

Characteristics of our seeded paper
  • it is suitable for handwriting and particularly for ballpoint or gel pens, but the fountain pen is also suitable 
  • he likes pastels and coloured pencils
  • it has a pleasant velvet touch under a rough handcrafted look 
  • Its respectable thickness, from 250 to 300g/m², makes it a very good support for business cards or greeting cards. It is however adjustable on request.
  • a beautiful off-white colour, speckled 
  • its organic wildflower seeds are melliferous and fertilise your soil. 
  • its germination is tested and approved
  • inimitable mark of its craftsmanship: the famous fringed edges, known as "bearded".

A seeded paper, but from what seeds?

We have chosen to incorporate an assortment of organically grown (i.e. reproducible) honey-bearing wildflower seeds into our seeded paper. In addition to providing quality nectar, they fertilise the soil. 

It's up to you to be a herald of biodiversity by choosing to use and promote seeded paper! There are no "small" actions when there are millions of people doing them. 

You will recognise in our range of organic wildflower seeds the poppyon cosmoson blueberryon calendulathe Damascus cumin, l'marigoldon carawayon red cloverthe sanvethe camelinaon Alexandria clover and the phacelia. Depending on the season and the availability of the seed company that supplies us, this choice may vary slightly.

For those with a sweet tooth, and for those who wish to grow their paper indoors, we also offer an assortment of organic herb seeds: basil, parsley, chives, dill and mint.


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What makes us unique

Paper with flower inclusions
We produce our seeded paper entirely by hand.
Therefore we do not produce astronomical quantities at a time, but put all our art and attention into each one. 

So while the cost of our paper is not as low as that of industrially produced seeded papers, try it: the result is incomparable. Each sheet is unique and embodies one of the infinite possibilities of the craft - the weight, the seed varieties, even the shade of the paper can vary slightly from one sheet to another, depending on its previous lives. It also allows us to produce a paper that is 100% recycled from waste paper.

And if you're looking for even more personality, we offer the possibility of making a paper with your signature. We can adjust the size and weight of the paper, insert dried plants, give them any colour you like (within the limits of natural dyes), and leave the choice of seeds to you. The best part? A watermark with your name, discreet but so chic...

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